• Taiwan Philharmonic

  • Skride Piano Quartet

  • Andrei Ioniță

  • Ying Quartet

  • Parker Quartet

  • Simon Trpčeski

  • Rachel Barton Pine

  • Philippe Bianconi

  • Gryphon Trio

  • Orion Weiss

  • Menahem Pressler

  • Pacifica Quartet

  • Arod Quartet

  • William Hagen

  • Ariel Quartet

  • Quatuor Danel

  • Dover Quartet

  • American String Quartet

  • Christopher O’Riley

  • Tetzlaff-Tetzlaff-Vogt Trio

  • Miró Quartet

  • Hermitage Piano Trio


For more than sixty years, MKI Artists has represented many of the world’s leading classical musicians. Helmed by John Zion – who took ownership of the firm in 2015 – our experienced team directs the careers of a select group of artists.

MKI Artists seeks to support classical music by energetically and compassionately representing a select roster of the world’s best musicians. We cultivate long-term personal relationships with our artists and performing arts organizations throughout the world to help achieve artistic, professional, and personal success. We want to ensure that MKI Artists thrives as a business so that classical music remains a vital art form, so its practitioners receive the support they need, and so this music will be enjoyed by an always growing audience.  

In 2016 MKI Artists formed an association with Linda Marder and CM Artists, designed to enable both agencies to expand their ability to reach more presenting organizations and orchestras. As MKI Artists looks to the future, it is with an eye toward further defining what it means to be a full-service boutique agency, poised to provide the highest-level artist management services for performers and presenters around the world.

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