Miró Quartet Premieres Kevin Puts' "Home"

This summer the Miró Quartet’s longtime friend Kevin Puts completed his fantastically unusual second quartet for the group, “Home”; the work had its premiere at the Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival. As Kevin writes, “Performing this fourth quartet of mine requires all four members of the quartet to retune their instruments to the pitches of a C-major harmony, as follows:


Historically, this act of employing a tuning other than the customary stack of perfect fifths in all instruments has been referred to as scordatura. It allows the quartet to resonate in a unique way when its open strings are played, thereby creating a sonic representation of "home” and one which is abandoned after the idyllic atmosphere of the work’s first several minutes in search of new and unfamiliar harmonic terrain.”

The work was inspired and informed by the refugee crisis in Europe, and raises questions of who belongs where and what the idea of ‘home’ means to all of us.

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