William Hagen and His New Strad Astonish with the Springfield Symphony

The stunning young violinist William Hagen amazed the Springfield Symphony audience with his  performance of the Brahms violin concerto last weekend. Music Director Kevin Rhodes wrote this about the experience:

“The English language does not contain enough superlatives for me to describe our experience with Will this weekend! Within moments of sitting down to play through the Brahms with him at the piano before the first orchestra session, I knew I loved his work. Within a few phrases of playing together with the orchestra, he instantly moved into the small group of soloists I call my favorites. I think we delivered a wonderfully free, relaxed, expressive and appropriately flexible Brahms violin concerto with virtually no need to discuss “how” we would do any of it.”

William was recently awarded use of the 1732 Arkwright Lady Rebecca Sylva Stradivarius violin from the Rachel Barton Pine Foundation. Recent highlights include Frankfurt with Eschenbach (click here to watch) as well as concerto debuts with San Francisco, Utah, Grant Park, Aspen, Detroit, and Indianapolis.

MassLive was equally thrilled with William's performance:

“…exploring the softest, most captivating tone of his 1732 Stradivarius (on loan from the Rachel Barton Pine foundation). He struck fire from the strings in the romping Rondo finale…”

“He played deeply into the strings, wringing a rich, chocolaty tone from his violin, and making the most of Beach's effusive, lyrical writing.”

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