Simon Trpceski performed Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto No. 3 with the New York Philharmonic


The Macedonian pianist Simon Trpčeski (pronounced terp-CHESS-kee) has established himself as one of the most remarkable musicians to have emerged in recent years, praised not only for his powerful virtuosity and deeply expressive approach but also for his charismatic stage presence. Last weekend Mr. Trpčeski performed Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto No. 3 with the New York Philharmonic, with Jakub Hrůša conducting.

Frequent collaborators Hrůša and Trpčeski gave a critically acclaimed performance of Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto No. 3 with the Los Angeles Philharmonic in 2013, about which the Los Angeles Times wrote: “Hrůša proved an engaging maestro…. Trpčeski is a remarkable pianist, smartly blending restraint, sense of tonal color and knowing when and how much to unleash bravado, in measured doses.”

And the influential European website wrote of this past weekend’s performances at the New York Philharmonic, "Trpčeski handled the significant technical demands of the score not only with the greatest of ease but with remarkable restraint and modesty. Helped by the conductor and the other interpreters, he underlined with great care the individual character of each of the five variations in the median movement. He brought forward all the dance elements that permeate this music. Far from showing off, he focused on blending (as much as possible) the piano sound with the orchestral one. It's a pity his visits to New York are so rare."

The New York Times raved that "The most satisfying part of that evening was the Prokofiev concerto with the ebullient pianist Simon Trpceski, who gave a performance that encompassed cartoonish humor and hushed lyricism."

Simon Trpčeski won the Diapason d’Or award for his 2017 recording of Prokofiev’s Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 3. The Guardian wrote: “In the hands of Simon Trpčeski both really crackle: fiery articulation, brazen rhythms, an ability to navigate corners with a swagger that feels sturdy and nimble at once.”

Katie Backus